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wise words: politics, business, small talk

50 key expressions and business idioms


wise words: politics, business, small talk

50 key political terms and essential idiomatic expressions for politics and business situations.  Includes audio of the example sentences.

Useful tips on how to make small talk — even on a ‘taboo’ topic such as politics.

A fun vocabulary test.

Und noch was… die Begriffe und Redewendungen werden ins Deutsche übersetzt! 




Small Talk (Collins), Deborah Capras

Small Talk (Collins), Deborah Capras

Small Talk: Build better business relationships through successful conversations

Collins Small Talk gives you the confidence to start a conversation and transition into bigger conversation topics so that you are able to build relationships, develop business partnerships and be successful in business.

The book includes information on best practice and key phrases for students to refer to and practise saying out loud using online audio. Online audio also includes good and bad examples of authentic recordings of small talk for learners to listen to and assess.